Attack the Block Game

Designed and conceived for the Los Angeles-based Gallery1988, this game was part of their annual flagship “Crazy For Cult” show, celebrating everyone’s favorite cult films.

I was looking for any excuse to make my own version of the game Battleship so when I was asked to be  part of the Crazy For Cult show immediately thought of the movie Attack the Block and how I could easily adapt it into a Battleship-type game.

Attack The Block is a wonderful 2011 movie where some nasty aliens converge in an apartment high-rise on one, rainy night. I thought, instead of players secretly positioning ships on their board, they could position aliens in apartment windows and then take turns guessing where each are. Whoever guess all the locations first wins.

I built ten games for the Crazy For Cult exhibit. They were sold out by the end of the first weekend of the show.


Fake Reporter: How did you make the game pieces? They look just like the aliens from Attack The Block.

Me: I used a 3D printer to make the pieces which was totally new for me. Building each element of this game was both fun and intricately time consuming. I loved every minute of it.