For almost ten years I was a Creative Executive at Kevin Costner’s production company, Treehouse Films.  I read every script offered to Kevin, while also developing his own projects. I helped cast and rewrite the projects that moved into development. And once they were in production, I was on the set with Kevin. The last film I worked on with him was Black or White, where I received a producer credit.

Along the way, Kevin and author Jon Baird developed the novel, The Explorers Guild. Years in development and production, I helped shepherd that book, reading every draft and giving notes every step of the way. Released in 2015, it became a New York Times Bestseller.



Fake Reporter: What was the most fun part of that job?

Me: I traveled with Kevin all around the world with his band, Modern West. I became his videographer, capturing every show from Moscow to Brazil, Annapolis to Calgary. I can honestly say I got to live my “Almost Famous” touring dreams.

Set photos from Hatfields & McCoys, shot in Romania. Me in costume and makeup. Yes, that’s makeup, thank you very much.