Enamel Pins

It all started with my blind desire to make a Bloodsport enamel pin. I thought to myself, “Who wouldn’t want a pin where Jean-Claude Van Damme is manically screaming his head off?”

From there I realized there are other classic movies where main characters scream in similar fashion. There’s Al Pacino in Heat where he gives both an amazingly subtle performance and a deranged, off-the-rails performance. Best of both worlds. And then there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, screaming at a room full of five year olds.


Fake Reporter: Are there any other pins you make with this theme? And how was your experience making these pins?

Me: Well, of course there’s anything Nicolas Cage. Doesn’t that seem like the logical next addition. And making these was an interesting experience. Simplifying the colors down to the bare minimum and strategically designing each to trap the appropriate colors was a new experience, but I loved the challenge.