Published Writing

When I’m not designing games or creating new illustrations, I write shorts stories. I call them “Little Scaries” because they’re usually under 1,000 words and most would be considered Horror. But none of them are that scary, I promise.

My work has been featured in The Los Angeles Review, Mystery Tribune, Every Day Fiction, Esoterica Magazine, The Bluebird Word, Tangled Locks Journal, Sky Island Journal, and Fauxmoir Literary Magazine to name a few.

Camp Chemo

People Are Strange / Metcalf Mall / A One-Sided Explanation…


Search History

The Man From Warwick

There’s Movement

Expect A Delay

We Buy Houses


The Ascended

Photo Kiosk / Voicemails / Never Rescue The Last Survivor on a Broken-Down Spaceship



Fake Reporter: What are you favorite books?

Me: I read “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” over two days my Freshman year in college, when the entire campus was shut down because of a snow storm. It’s one of my favorite all time memories, completely devouring the book, with the world outside buried in snow. I had a similar, euphoric experience reading “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by Gabrielle Zevin. I think about that book almost daily and how perfect it is.