David Fincher Jigsaw Puzzle

I illustrated characters from every David Fincher movie. They all have the same deranged smile, staring back at you. I’ve drawn a lot of characters in this style in the last few years ( I call them “Little Cuties” and you you’ll see more of them later.) Since each illustration shares the same basic structure and style, I thought it would make for a fun (yet challenging) jigsaw puzzle.

Much like my Stephen King board game, I overloaded this design with a ridiculous amount of references to Fincher’s movies. From the keys Michael Douglas finds in The Game to all of the Hello! My Name is….stickers Edward Norton’s characters uses in Fight Club.


Fake Reporter: Since we’re talking David Fincher, are there more….inappropriate references in the illustration?

Me: Oh yeah. Ohhhhhh yeah. That’s what I love about this project. Here’s all these smiling, cute little faces staring back you. Most of which are deranged sociopaths, and surrounding these smiles are hilariously dark references to all of his movies.