A Stephen King Board Game

I illustrated and built this board game celebrating the work of Stephen King. It is similar to the game Sorry, where players pull cards and are either sent forward or backwards. In this game you can play as Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption), Carrie (Carrie, duh), Pennywise (It), or The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower.) I filled both the cards and board with an insane amount of Stephen King Easter eggs, from The Dead Zone to The Green Mile.


Fake Reporter: But why did you make this?

Me: Listen, I made it for Gallery1988 but I was worried you would start judging me for only talking about my gallery work. I’ve created some great pieces for their shows and I wanted to show them off. But the further you go on this site, you’ll see I’ve worked with many other people and companies.