Scream Operation Game

Have you seen those mini versions of classic games some toy stores sell? Like pocket versions of games? Well, I kept seeing a tiny version of Operation and thought it would be a fun challenge to make my own game out of it, but instead of using little tweezers to pull out little plastic bones, I thought pulling out a mini knife would be both deranged and funny.

Gallery1988 had a show celebrating the anniversary of the movie Scream, so I used this idea for the exhibit. Spoiler alert: David Arquette’s Deputy Dewey gets stabbed during the climactic scene, so I thought what better way to use my idea than to make a “Save Deputy Dewey” game.


Fake Reporter: Does the game work just like Operation?

Me: It’s actually quite a bit harder, obviously you can’t let your tweezers hit the sides of the game. And you can’t let the knife hit it either. Building this was a challenge, mostly because of the small size of the game.